Who Are You?

My fellow faithful lovers of Christ!

My fellow faithful lovers of Christ!

God wants to turn this age to the age of the kingdom. This is His treasure. He wants the kingdom to be manifested on this earth. He wants a dispensational transfer to take place. But for this there must be a dispensational instrument. The dispensational instrument consists of some of God’s people, who are living in a particular age and who are used by Him to end that age and bring in another age.

The characteristic of the dispensational instrument is that the Lord mainly uses young people. We thank the Lord for the elderly Nicodemus. We thank the Lord for Joseph of Arimathea, a noble man who buried the Lord in his tomb. However, Peter, James, John, and the other disciples were young. Those who are not young should not be discouraged. Let us forget ourselves and care for the Lord’s burden to have ayoung, age-turning generation. God needs this. He needs young people who see through the age, who are not stupified, drunken, or drugged by the age. In them there is a feeling about the age in which they lived. They are not like Demas, about whom Paul said, “For Demas has abandoned me, having loved the present age” (2 Tim. 4:10). The Greek word for present age is nun-aiona, meaning the now-age. Demas was a co-worker, but under difficulties he left because he loved the present age. He would not suffer or lose his soul, and he would not stay with Paul when Paul was imprisoned. God has a need for young people who will be one with Him and with His ministry to change the age.

Now, who are we in this age? Are we the “present-age lover” or the “age-turner?” If we love this present age like Demas did, surely God has nothing to do with us. We need to remember that God needs us. He cannot turn this age to the age of the kingdom by Himself alone. He needs our cooperation. He needs me and you. Moreover, we need to be impressed that He gained us for this certain purpose — to be part of this age-turning generation. By God’s grace and mercy we may be able to declare, “We are the age-turners!”

Now, who are you?


2 comments on “Who Are You?

  1. The Lord cannot come back without us. We need to be built together in spirit, by cooperating with the Lord Jesus through prayer and fellowship both with the Lord and with each other. We need to become living members of His Body by enjoying Him as life to us, in the flow of His Spirit within our mingled spirit. Hallelujah!!! Then we will become vital members of the church. Then we will be young people who will flow with the enjoyment of the Lord to the point that the Lord will overflow in us, and flow out of us into others. It happened to a 15 year old named Fernando in Esquipulas, Guatemala. He was never active in the church life, never even attended meetings, until he went away to a young people’s church conference in Honduras. He said it was on the Lord’s return and that he saw a light that exposed him to the uttermost and made him want to get up and go home right away. He told me that it took the Lord a year and a half to begin to overflow in him, so much so, that he could not keep Him in any longer. It was then, in a very religious Roman Catholic school, that one by one he started to share with his classmates. The school administration was thinking of suspending him from school, but the behavior of the students became so remarkably positive that it was impossible. First Raul, then Luis and so on, until everyone in his class had received The Lord Jesus. Hallelujah! After everyone had received Him, he said that they all got baptized. How wonderful it this? Raul told me that he got into the enjoyment of the flow for three days. Praise the Lord! Alleluia!!! Amen!!!
    Just like Moses, Samuel, Daniel and Joseph in the Old Testament, one person can make such a difference to the Lord for His dispensation move on the earth, but when they get together, through fellowship and prayer, the Lord can move at will. His will is to recover the whole earth, but He needs our prayer, our faith and our obedience.

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